Hey, I'm Salmaan Pehlari

I love to make things happen!

Software Engineering Graduate Student at San Jose State University

Currently I am,

Seeking internship opportunities for fall 2017 and fulltime opportunities for spring 2018.

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Intern - Synopsys, InfoSec Team

Created a realtime vulnerability monitoring and analytics dashboard. Learned about CVE's, pen testing and more.

News Aggregator and Summarizer

Gives you the lowdown of what happened in the world. Everything you need to know, fast and to the point.

Airbnb Prototype

Built a distributed 3-tier application offering all functionalities of airbnb. Used Node.js, Angularjs, RabbitMQ. Implemented user tracking and analytics.

eBay Replica

Created an application offering buying and selling by users. Implemented auction functionality like eBay.

Better Care

Case Study analyzing insurance premiums in USA over the last two decades. Also Comparing it with public healthcare system and estimating effect on federal taxes


Built a multiplayer game using greenfoot framework in Java. Created rich lore and story in addition to gameplay.


Reddit bot which finds posts containing news articles and creates a summary along with posting related news links

Reddit HL3 Bot

First steps with web bots. Looked for people confirming half life 3 (inside joke) and replied to them while keeping a count.
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Tata Consultancy Services

Worked at TCS from Dec 2015 - Jul 2016 on SAP ABAP. Part of an upgrade team.
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Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Interned at CadLab from Jun 2014 - Jul 2014 (2 months). Used Intel CnC and LLVM to manage context memory for schedulable entites


Lifelong gamer

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