Salmaan Pehlari

Hey, I'm a software engineer from San Jose, California who is currently interning at Synopsys with the InfoSec team. I'm looking for full-time positions starting in May 2018. Have a look at some of the things I've worked on down below or send me an email at

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Fast News

• Created a lightweight web application which aggregates popular news articles from the web and presented concise summaries in a minimalist user interface. Took extreme consideration of user experience and built a decoupled API server to work with any platform. • Used machine learning algorithms like K-Nearest Neighbors, TF-IDF values to generate summaries for the news articles. Widely appreciated on HackerNews and Reddit, handled 10K users within days of launching.

Python Node.js MongoDB AWS EC2 Elasticache HTML CSS

Airbnb Prototype

• Developed a distributed 3-tier application using REST architecture to offer all functions of Airbnb for renting homes. Implemented a dynamic pricing algorithm for user properties.
• Achieved high performance while supporting 10,000 hosts, 10,000 users and 100,000 billing records. Implemented analytics and visualization modules for users, hosts and administrators.

Node.js MySQL AngularJS Redis ELK Stack D3.js RabbitMQ JMEter

Russian Housing Market Price Prediction

• Participated in a Kaggle challenge to predict housing prices using a Russian housing market dataset along with a macro-economic dataset.
• Implemented and tested various regression models with a data pre-processing pipeline and cross validated tests using RMSLE as the evaluation metric.
• Presented the project and results in the Web and Data Mining class.

Python Scikit-learn Jupyter Notebook Numpy Pandas Matplotlib


Reddit bot which finds posts containing news articles and creates a summary along with posting related news links.

Python PRAW API Reddit Heroku


• Built a 2D multiplayer game meant for kids learning computer science concepts as a activity.
• Presented the game at an elementary school and was judged as a featured project out of 25 other class projects. Used agile methodology and implemented software design patterns for code modularity and reusability.

Java Greenfoot MySQL AWS